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The Vilafortuny Laser Centre for Dentistry, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, first Laser Centre to open in Dubai and a leading comprehensive aesthetic wellness clinic, brings together talented and experienced practitioners from Spain, Scandinavia and France to provide a broad range of technologically advanced dental, plastic and aesthetic laser surgery services.

We are changing the way people feel about dentistry and cosmetic surgery. Our practice is dedicated to comprehensive dental treatment with an emphasis on cosmetic dentistry and smile rejuvenation using the latest techniques including: porcelain veneers, crowns (in-house laboratory), teeth whitening, periodontal treatment, root canal therapy, implants and oral surgery.

Our plastic surgery department is a branch of Instituto Médico Vilafortuny in Spain and is lead by one of the pioneers in laser plastic surgery: Dr Mario Trelles.

Treatments available include: specialist consultation, complete skin analysis, skin rejuvenation program, laser hair removal, thermolipo bipolar radiofrequency, full range of surgeries for the face and body.


Meet Our Team

Dr Kathrin Trelles, Vilafortuny Laser Centre

Dr Kathrin Trelles (Norway)

General, Cosmetic and Laser dentist

Dr Stefan Pihlveus, Vilafortuny Laser Centre

Dr Stefan Pihlveus (Sweden)

General, Cosmetic and Laser dentist

Dr Alexandra A Gabrielle, Vilafortuny Laser Centre

Dr Alexandra A Gabrielle (Colombia)

General, Cosmetic and Laser dentist

Dr Sorin Cristea, Vilafortuny Laser Centre

Dr Sorin Cristea (Germany)

Periodontologist / Implantologist

Dr Nizar Ishaq, Vilafortuny Laser Centre

Dr Nizar Ishaq (France)


Lene Holm Nielsen, Vilafortuny Laser Centre

Lene Holm Nielsen (Denmark)

Dental Hygienist, Laser Treatment Gum Disease, Whitening Specialist

Dr Mario Trelles, Vilafortuny Laser Centre

Dr Mario Trelles (Spain)

MD, PHD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr Marwan Al Zarouni, Vilafortuny Laser Centre

Dr Marwan Al Zarouni (Sweden)

MD, Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Contact Details

Tel: 04 3943618
Fax: 04 3943628
Mobile: 050 4648236


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Al Wasl Road, Villa 728b, Jumeirah 3, Dubai 

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Saturday 9am to 5pm
Sunday 9am to 7pm
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Thursday 9am to 7pm
Friday Closed